Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Spare me

This is our Prime Minister at Easter, when pollies decided unanimously to give politics a break.

Feels for the other guy in the foreground who is photographed at multiple angles and published, like everywhere when the Prime Minister invited journos to witness his worship. Maybe Other Guy was grateful for the coverage. Who knows.

Anyway, my gripe is this: our PM's public demonstrations of the love of Jesus appear to me to be performative acts of virtue, where the ethical and ecological virtue is really lacking in the conservative narrative. And while I love the singing and joyousness that arises at Pentecostal gatherings (I've been to one or two), I notice there is often a sly dig at the mosque or Buddhist school down the road, or at people who are different when it comes to gender, sexual preferences or basic income levels.

Look. When it comes to legislature, government and the separation of church and state, stay out of our personal business okay? If you don't like gay marriage, don't marry a gay. If you don't like euthanasia, then don't get euthenaised. Against abortion? Don't have one. It's pretty simple really.
Our PM abstained from a vote on marriage equality (yeah, that guy pictured above, with his hands in the air). Our international representative didn't even vote yes or no, he just fucking bailed. He then ran an election on the basis of coal being cheaper this week than renewable energy - and most of us bought it and voted him in. He is both architect and collaborator in one of the cruellest asylum-seeker policies ever to pollute our national consciousness.

He's sailed through worshipping with the Hillsong mob and getting interviewed on a swanky stage by Brian Houston despite the church being tainted by the sins of the father. Because Pastor Brian's Dad got into a bit of trouble with the law after his affection for boys made it to the Royal Commission, see here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/19/sex-abuse-victim-pursues-hillsongs-brian-houston-over-crimes-of-his-father

Without even bringing the match-strike of paedophile churchies into the conversation, our PM stands for and encourages a non action on climate change, heterosexual only marriages, a no to an Indigenous voice in parliament, abolishing the climate change commissions (Okay, Abbot trashed it but I do notice that Morrison hasn't reinstated it), giving the tick to major new coal mines and demonising medi-vac asylum seeker patients held on offshore centres in such Trumpian language as 'rapists and paedophiles.'

But hey, the guy is praying to the Lord Jesus in public after inviting journalists to photograph him.

What is wrong with this picture.


  1. Thank you Sarah. Having seen those photos I feel for you too.

  2. Unfortunately as you said - most Aussies voted for him. Let's not forget that this guy's background is in marketing and he's doing a damn good job of selling his fucked up ideology. I still remember his previous portfolio and the rabid little pitbull defending the government's policies on border protection. Australians need to wake the fuck up. This government is eroding so many of our democratic freedoms it's beyond scary. When Aussies eventually wake up to the deceit it will be too late.

  3. PS The Christians have perfected the art of hipocrisy.

  4. I have no beef with religion. It is the performative religiosity used to signal virtue and that slides into the state, that bothers me.

    1. I have no beef with Jesus. Just like I have no beef with Buddha or Mohammed. I absolutely have a beef with religion though. Some of my best friends are Christians, but I don't see much evidence that being a member of a religion, any religion, makes you any closer to God.

  5. I have to say guys that it was only four hundred thousand or so more people voted for Shoutys' mob and when you take into consideration the fact of the gerried rural vote, the margin would be even smaller. For me, what is missing from the pictures is a few swastikas and a caption reading "Victory, Heil! I am 'sort of' sorry for bringing the Nazis into the discussion but if the cap fits. wear it I say. I am astonished by the general publics' acceptance of blatant lies as the norm for pollies. Show proof of lies and the response is 'well the other side lies also.' Very sad but I have a glass half full (of hope).