Tuesday, July 23, 2019


 I was in Kendenup recently and went for a wander through the back yard of where I was staying. It blew me away, the diversity of winter flowerers. Above is drosera, a carnivorous plant. Below is another species from the same family. They use sweet smelling tendrils to entrap insects. Somewhere, I remember Darwin upsetting the establishment by claiming that some plants were carnivorous. 'Plants eating meat? What a little shop of horrors!'

 Some kind of acacia ... I've never seen it before.
 A hibertia

  prickly hovea, like a purple holly

and a pin cushion hakea with its bud caps littering the ground.


  1. Lovely. We have quite a few of those, though Pincushion Hakea isn't endemic to our block we have planted a couple. Only small atm.