Friday, January 8, 2021

#offgrid compared to #vanlife

After a ten day stint on fire tower and radio support in the office, I've just had a joyous few days off. I did my washing:

I did the dishes and just hung out at my place. Kyabla sent me a box of honey from our last hive rob at Kundip. My colleague on the tower recorded his lowest relative humidity and highest temp ever today.He's been doing this for decades so it's a precedent. No more bits of kangaroo turning up via Selkie from the beach, although there were two tusks and a hind leg on my doorstep this morning. I've been busy prepping my lunches for the next swing ... safely stashed in a gas fridge that is on the blink. 

#offgridliving is the very opposite of #vanlife. Perhaps I should link up my life to their Insta account.


  1. Our gas fridge seemed impossible when I was a kid. My father used to light it with a match, and I could not get my head around how setting fire to a fridge made things cold.

    1. Yes me too ... that whole thing of lighting up the gas fridge ... I have to feel above the flu to make sure the fridge is still burning, in order to keep everything cold. Does my head in. At the mo, it's not working but I still have ice cubes in the freezer section. Explain that to me!

    2. The ice cubes are put there by The Queen of the North Pole in order to placate the Fire Fairies.

    3. Np wait, for you it is the South Pole Queen. Penguins not polar bears.

    4. The Antarctic Ice Fairies have declared a wage theft strike and are unavailable for comment. Given that we'd had a heat wave, the fridge is now behaving quite well. It's now room temp inside the fridge.

      Apparently all I need to do is up end my fridge to mix up all the gasses. The problem is it's plumbed in to the gas system so ... a mission.

    5. Oh yes I forgot, you come under the Antarctic authorities. You get penguins washed up on your beaches and we get polar bears.