Wednesday, April 18, 2012


 Dynamite boxes all the way from Texas ... the local tip has a good supply of these garden planters thanks to the mining companies. The boxes are stamped with warnings about the carcinogenic qualities of dynamite. I saw them only after I'd carted them back to Kundip. Ah, dynamite, shmynomite.

 A tank stand of Kundip stone and abalone shells.
I'm a bit proud of this tank stand. It stashes every empty wine bottle from the ghost town of Kundip's most splendid New Years' Eve. I built it the next day, sweating most of NYE2012's wine back out.
Plus, when I went there last week, the tank was FULL and still upright.

So I had to connect up an overflow tank to get another 1,000 litres. Ever tried to connect plumbing with imperial and metric pipes, using material garnered from the tip? The process involves deep groans when the sun damaged 1960's pipe breaks in half as you are hack sawing through salvaged 1990's poly to fit into a twenty first century tank. You reckon that angle on the overflow looks funny? Hey, I'm no Clancy but she works.
Digger agrees.

Building stuff on my own when I have no experience and no other brain to run things by is pretty daunting. I've found that about 30 percent of what I build needs to get dismantled. A design FAIL can be quite crushing on a hot day when I've got to cook my own dinner.

The shack began with good, straight foundations. As I head outwards, the shack gets curlier and wobblier. She's becoming a wibbly, wobbly shack, the further out I go, emulating the curly qualities of all copper ghost towns ...


  1. It is a beautiful creation Sarah, one that has grown organically from a creative (& wibbly, wobbly?) mind. ;-)

    Better that than chucking up an off-the-shelf and soulless wriggly tin shed.

    I need to get my water collection point sorted sharpish, thanks for the nudge.

  2. yes it's a work of heart, just wonderful all wibbly wobbly and unique :)

  3. it reminds me of my in laws beach hut on broadstairs beach x

  4. Awesome ST. It's what real dwellings are all about. Such a fundamental human task, to build a shelter and yours certainly reflects your personality. It's lovely.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement!
    I do spend a lot of time out there muttering 'you are such a dodgey sister, Toa.'

  6. PS That IS a great tank stand. I would be proud of it too.